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Business Growth

Client Profile

Our clients are growing companies. As such, they come across the same difficulties large companies may face, but without the benefit of having the same financial resources. Many of our clients offer goods and services to large companies or are part of their distribution networks. It is precisely because of José Mauricio’s experience in the corporate world that he can offer advice as to how to break into those networks. Our clients appreciate confidentiality and discretion. Because of that we refrain from posting any information related to them on this website.

José Mauricio regularly assists established Latin American business people seeking to expand their operations in the United States, which includes forming new business entities, as well as negotiating and preparing business contracts, such as business asset purchase agreements, licensing contracts and commercial leases.

“My professional philosophy is to develop long term relationships with my clients, through which I earn their trust and become an advisor in ways transcending my role as legal counselor. Above all, I am committed to my clients’ business success.”

Temas Corporativos

Corporate Matters
Experience and knowledge of the law as a tool for business growth. José Mauricio is currently devoted to advising and representing growing companies.


Professional Philosophy

Insider’s Look

Since 1993 José Mauricio has offered legal services advising and representing multinational, U.S., European and Latin American companies.


Business growth must be accompanied with certainty, especially when it comes to identifying, evaluating and mitigating areas of legal risks.


The law should be used as a tool for growth and innovation for business ventures. The legal discipline should not be static or abstract.