José Mauricio Bello

José Mauricio Bello Abogado y Attorney at Law

Attorney at Law & Abogado
Dual Attorney: In the “Roman Law System,” which is prevalent throughout Latin America and Continental Europe, and the U.S. “Common Law System.” José Mauricio Bello began his legal career in Venezuela in 1993 when he received his first Law Degree from the Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

Latin American Vision and Experience
José Mauricio worked in the Latin American and Caribbean Division of a Fortune-500® Company. For over 6 years, he evaluated, advised and took legal decisions regarding business transactions and judicial disputes in different countries of the region such as, Mexico, Colombia, Nicaragua, Honduras, Panama, Belize, Dominican Republic, Bahamas, Ecuador, and Chile, among others. José Mauricio currently advises business firms based in the United States regarding commercial operations in Latin American countries, as well as Latin American entrepreneurs with operations in the United States.

Multicultural Approach

What are the benefits?

Cultural competency is an essential feature of José Mauricio’s practice, who has represented U.S., European and Latin American business firms. In addition, for over six years, he worked in-house at the International Division (Latin American and Caribbean Department) of a Fortune 500® company, reporting to California, London and Canada, and having responsibilities for legal matters pertaining to Latin American and the Caribbean: from México (and its many regions) through Central America and the Caribbean to rest of South America. José Mauricio regularly deals with people of different cultural backgrounds. Sooner than later an entrepreneur will have to interact, for example, with a commercial leasing company headquartered in Philadelphia, or a software development company with offices in New Delhi, India.

Facilitating Business Growth

Many of our clients offer goods and services to large companies or are part of their distribution networks. It is precisely because of José Mauricio’s experience in the corporate world that he can offer advice as to how to break into those networks.


Professional Philosophy

Insider’s Look

José Mauricio takes the time to develop an in-depth understanding of his clients’ particular businesses so as to ensure that they receive legal services tailored to their specific needs.


Business growth must be accompanied with certainty, especially when it comes to identifying, evaluating and mitigating areas of legal risks.


The law should be used as a tool for growth and innovation for business ventures. The legal discipline should not be static or abstract.